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                            China's professional provider of unmanned tolling systems, on-street parking systems, video card-free toll collection systems, parking guidance systems, and video reverse car finding systems.
                            Adhering to the business philosophy of "professional value, service model", Ke Anda bases on its strong technical strength, seeks the innovative development of the industry, constantly breaks through, and surpasses itself.
                            Determined to become a well-known intelligent parking lot comprehensive solution provider at home and abroad.
                            Software and hardware integration solution
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                            ABOUT US
                            Xiamen Kad Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
                            Xiamen KAD Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous high-tech enterprises with independent development production capacity. “KAD” is a global Company which has passed ISO9001,2008 International quality system certification and 3C compulsory certification. We have longtern business relationship with many famous security companies domestic and all over the world . Details>>
                            ENTERPRISE HONOR
                            Address: 4-5th Floor, Phase I, 300 Yingyao Road, North Jimei Industrial Zone, Xiamen
                            Xiamen Keanda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ? All rights reserved Record number: Fujian ICP No. 12010002
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